SAN DIEGO – March 7, 2016 –Coastal Limited, which specializes in brand development programs through its Coastal Brand Management division, has been contracted to explore and procure business development opportunities and licensing agreements for the San Diego Tourism Authority.  


    “This is a dream assignment,” said Paul Leonhardt, co-founder of the firm that has offices in La Jolla and New York City. “San Diego is a coveted travel destination for people from all over the world, but more importantly, it is a state of mind. We’ll be looking for opportunities that enable locals, tourists and hopefuls to proclaim the San Diego state of mind via licensed apparel, accessories, and products in all merchandise categories. This is an opportunity for San Diego to extend its enormous brand equity.”

    Joe Terzi, president and CEO, San Diego Tourism Authority, said, “We’re aiming to build a lifestyle brand around the world’s affinity for the San Diego lifestyle.  Coastal Limited’s track record on significant licensing deals for San Diego companies makes it the perfect partner for us.  Partnering with Coastal will provide the San Diego Tourism Authority with new channels to market the San Diego brand, which in turn will benefit our city, our economy, and awareness for San Diego on a global level.”

    The signing of this contract capped off Coastal Limited’s successful first year of operation. The firm’s co-founders and owners Jed Ferdinand and Paul Leonhardt recently orchestrated an international licensing agreement with Cherokee Global Brands for La Jolla apparel and adventure company Everyday California.  Coastal Limited also produced a reality series on Everyday California with Roy Bank of Banca Studio and sold it to the E! Network.

    While the majority of brand extension and licensing firms are headquartered in New York or Los Angeles, Ferdinand and Leonhardt decided on a La Jolla headquarters because they have determined that San Diego companies and entrepreneurs have not been well served. “San Diego is an entrepreneur’s town and many companies are ready to leverage their brand equity through licensing, distribution deals and strategic partnerships.  They just don’t have the knowledge or contacts to move to the next level and they are off the radar of most brand development firms,” said Leonhardt.

    “We offer unparalleled contacts and a deep understanding of the licensing and merchandising industry,” said Jed Ferdinand.  Ferdinand and Leonhardt have spent decades striking deals for their clients.

    Leonhardt is a business development, entertainment marketing and licensing professional with expertise in growing brand awareness and creating revenue-driven merchandise programs.  Before founding Coastal Limited, he has worked with William Morris Agency, Relativity Sports, Dwight Howard, Powel Peralta Skateboard, Sega of America, Flavia, Dena Designs and O Entertainment.

    Ferdinand is an intellectual property and licensing attorney who has handled some of the most successful licensing and merchandising programs of the past decade for celebrities and other famous brands that have resulted in billions of dollars of retail sales worldwide.  His celebrity and corporate clients have included Pepsi, John Deere, Jessica Simpson, Sylvester Stallone and Vince Camuto.

    In addition to brand representation, Coastal Limited offers business development and consultation, manufacturing implementation, marketing, planning and execution, entertainment management and representation, negotiation and agreement preparation and assistance with asset sales and acquisition.

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About Coastal Limited


Coastal Limited is a full-service business development, brand representation, product development, entertainment management, marketing management, and advisory company with headquarters in La Jolla, Calif. and New York City. The firm strategically aligns luxury brands, celebrities, athletes, manufacturers and other partners for brand extension and growth opportunities.

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